Language Holidays


Learn a language on holiday!

  • Learn a language in a fun, fast way
  • Extra activities and tours available
  • Meet new international friends
  • Improve your job prospects
  • improve your academic results/gain a language certificate
  • Have a great time!

Our language holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to excel at a language in a short space of time and have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday at the same time. The immersion nature of our language holidays means that spending two weeks on our language holidays is similar to living in a country for months because you have so much dedicated contact with native speakers. It is impressive how much progress our students make.

Ways our students are immersed in the language/learn quickly:

•2 hours of paired language learning everyday with native teachers
•Language reviews and language grammar tips to keep  you on track
•Functional language learning- using your language skills in the real world
•Speed language learning- ELH’s fantastic immersion learning format
•Social Language learning- getting to know the locals through an interest you have
•Language games- speaking/fluency games, vocabulary building games, team games… We have lots of language games- some you know, some you won’t!
•Language trips- local trips to the cinema/theatre/art gallery/gym to do both the activity and immerse yourself in the language

Countdown to our next Language Holiday- Learn Spanish in Spain

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