Learn French

Have a fantastic holiday- and learn French!

Learn French in France

An ideal way to learn some French or improve on the French you already know is to come on an immersion language holiday.

Ways our students are immersed in the language/learn quickly:

•2 hours of paired language learning everyday with native teachers
•Language reviews and language grammar tips to keep  you on track
•Functional language learning- using your language skills in the real world
•Speed language learning- Our unique fantastic immersion learning format
•Social Language learning- getting to know the locals through an interest you have
•Language games- speaking/fluency games, vocabulary building games, team games… We have lots of language games- some you know, some you won’t!
•Language trips- local trips to the cinema/theatre/art gallery/gym to do both the activity and immerse yourself in the language
•Self study/review- occasional self-study will also boost your progress

Delight in local culture, drink fabulous French wine and indulge in incredible French food.

Location Price
Touraine* £325 per person per week
Paris* £550 per person per week
Paris budget* £400 per person per week

Group Bookings


For Paris group bookings please contact us.


Number of people in group 2-3 4-6 7-10 10+
Cost per week, per person £300 £275 £250 £200

*Price includes Breakfast, all language lessons and our speed language learning sessions.

If you are interested in booking and/or for more info please email us on info@eurolanguageholidays.com

Learn French in Central France

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