Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish and have a great time – Learn Spanish on the Costa Brava

How does it work?

We provide an incredible new way of learning Spanish. Immersion language learning means immersing yourself in the language/culture, similar to how we all learn our native language. We guarantee opportunities to speak  with native speakers, everyday. These interactions are vital when learning any foreign language.

Ways our students are immersed in the Spanish language/learn quickly:

  • 2 hours of paired language learning everyday with native teachers
  • Language reviews and language grammar tips to keep  you on track
  • Social Spanish- use the Spanish you are learning in Spanish towns and cities
  • Speed language learning- our fantastic immersion learning format
  • Language games- speaking/fluency games, vocabulary building games, team games… We have lots of language games- some you know, some you won’t!
  • Language trips- local trips to the cinema/theatre/art gallery/gym to do both the activity and immerse yourself in the language




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