What sort of age range are the people who go on these holidays?
Are additional activities planned in addition to one-to-one sessions?
Does it matter if you are a beginner?
How much does it cost?
Can I bring a friend?
How long do the language holidays last?

What sort of age range are the people who go on these holidays?

The language holidays are open to any age.

Are additional activities planned in addition to one-to-one sessions?

Yes we plan afternoon and evening activities as well as some Group activities (which cost a bit extra).

Everyday activities include (optional):

Sports:  Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Hiking (guided), Swimming in the(warm) sea, Basketball (on the sea front), Outdoor Tennis (2 mins walk away from the accommodation),Snorkelling*,

Other:   Eating out, Card Games, Photography trips, Art sessions(painting/drawing).

Language activities:  Scrabble (students can play in Spanish too, of course!),watching Spanish TV ,going to the local Cinema (watching films in English or Spanish)BBQs on the beach/at the accommodation – on the balconies/terraces/outside space. Meeting locals in bars and cafes in the evenings.

Evening activities: Dance classes, Going out/ Speaking Spanish in bars and cafes, Dancing/Clubbing

* Professional Snorkel/Mask hire costs 5E for 7 days. To buy our professional snorkel and mask costs only 15E. These are much better quality than average gear and are made by professional diving companies.

Group Activities (One or Two per week organised – optional)

Go-Karting (Seriously fun. All year round)

Quad Biking (Year round)

Scuba Diving (Some limitations in low season)

Snorkelling (Year round)

Sailing (Year round- Olympic training school by the accommodation)

Boat trips (Some limitations depending on month)

Segway rides and tours

Submarine Tours (Only in high season)

Trips- Individual or Group trips (Minimum one per week organised- optional)

Art Trips to Girona/Figueres(The Dalí Theatre-Museum, the largest surrealistic object in the world- with lots to see and do)

Day trips or Weekend trips to Barcelona (tours also an option)

Hiking trips around the Costa Brava- mountains, coves and breathtaking views!

 When do the activities happen?

Ordinarily, we plan one to two group activities per week, one scheduled ‘night out’ (normally a Friday night) and daytime and evening activities as well. All activities are optional.Students have weekends free, however, we offer tours and trips for those wanting to see more of the region/visit some other cities.

Activity holidays

For those particularly interested in one activity, such as Sailing or Diving we also organise tailored language activity holidays. These include:

Spanish + Surfing               Spanish+ Sailing           Spanish+ Diving             Spanish+ Cooking

For more info email us on: info@eurolanguageholidays.com

Does it matter if you are a beginner?

All our teachers have taught beginners before and are prepared to teach any language level.

You will have 2 hours of dedicated learning time with the native speakers, so our students improve greatly, no matter what their level.

If people want to come on a language holiday with some language skills beforehand there are some options we offer. We offer one to one Skype classes, tailored to your level. Students can then learn the very basics beforehand. However, the Skype classes are not obligatory.

We do offer deals with the holiday and the skype lessons included- that way you’ll have lots of opportunities to improve, before and on the holiday- and it won’t break the bank! email us on: info@eurolanguageholidays.com

How much do the language holidays cost?

Student Prices/Low Income Prices 

Individual Bookings

Group Prices

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can bring a friend or a group of friends. We have discounts available for groups under the  ‘ Spanish in Spain’ tab. If it is just 2 of you there may still be room for a discount depending on availability. Get in touch to find out what we can offer on:  info@eurolanguageholidays

How long do the language holidays last?

We generally offer our language holidays by the week, normally 1,2 or 4 week programmes. However if you or your group are interested in coming for a different length of time, say a long weekend, or a whole summer, just email us on: info@eurolanguageholidays and we can arrange and tailor your language holiday to your/your groups’ needs.

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