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First thing you will need is Skype. You can download Skype (if you haven’t got it already) at:



As well as using your desktop you can also connect to Skype using:

– Android Phones such as HTC and Samsung,

-Blackberry phones, and on Iphones

– Ipads and other  tablet machines   

– Skype landlines

– Laptops and        netbooks


About using Skype

Skype changes and updates regularly, therefore make sure you have the latest version on your computer/device. It is advised to practice using Skype with a friend beforehand if you are unaware how to use Skype. If you have not used it and need practice before a lesson, we can provide assistance, just get in touch.

You should check the connection you use, to see if you can use Skype well. This can be tested in a practice lesson. If your connection is not good, most public cafes have strong connections, alternatively dongles/mobile internet offer another solution. We advise any students who either travel or are doing intensive courses (more than 8 hours per week of one to one classes) to buy a dongle for flexibility and upgraded reliability, two (or more)connections are better than one!

About the lesson

Skype language lessons are a fantastic way to learn a language at a much quicker rate than traditional language classes. You have the choice of having the class totally in your target language, partly or absolute beginners have the choice of having instructions and guidance in English.

All of our teachers are fluent or close to fluent in English.

You are in control of how much English the teachers speak, we recommend students speak and listen to as much as the target language as possible. Immersion should be the goal. For those above A2 or elementary level, we recommend conducting the classes mostly in the target language. For abosolute beginners and beginners we recommend having more of an equal balance between English and the target language…We access your language skills before you start so there is no need to worry.

Immersion Skype lessons are great, challenging and most students see real progress within the first few classes. We recommend coming to the class relaxed and focused and it is a good idea to do the classes in a quiet environment, if possible and in surroundings where you feel calm and comfortable. A relaxed and focused mindset leads to faster and more fluid progress within your language learning. Another reason for ‘arriving’ early to the class is to clear your mind of other things and to focus.

About the teachers   

All the Skype language teaches are experienced native speakers and professional language teachers. They have been tried and tested and have continuous training, helping them to continually develop as teachers. They also often speak more than two languages. This can help if you want to speak with a teacher in your native language (if it is not English). If this is the case do tell us in advance and we can find the best teacher for you.

Above all, our teachers are friendly, professional and knowledgable. They have often studied English as a foreign language (except the English teachers!) so they too know what it is like to learn a foreign language and they plan their lessons based on the best way to learn a language quickly and in a fun way. Best of all, the language classes are 100% tailored to your needs and goals.

Our teachers are from all over the world, some are based in the UK, some in Europe, some in the US and some further afield. They are fascinating people who lead interesting a varied lives- we like them a lot and we are sure you will too!

Before a Skype language class

Log into Skype earlier than the class, we recommend at least 5 minutes early- especially for the first class. You can also use the time to look over the notes of the last class. You will see your teacher online and they will send you a message to confirm that is okay to call you at the pre-arranged time.

Things you will need:

  • Make sure you have a fully functional microphone (preferably an external microphone). We stock a great combined microphone and webcam which you can order online direct from us.
  • Personal headphones make it easier for the student to hear everything the teacher says and help to block out background noise. (yep, we have these too!)
  • A dictionary and language books help (although google translate and other online tools are often just as good). We stock audio books and language guides…

During the lesson

Potential Technical Problems/Solutions

Are there ever problems with technology? Sometimes, but 99% of the time there is a reason and the problems are always solvable. We have not yet had a student who has not been able to have Skype language lessons. We have always found a solution to their technical issues. We ask that our teachers have two computers, if you do too, that is a bonus and can reduce potential technical problems.

The most common problems are listed below, along with their solutions:

  1.  Can’t hear teacher> check headphones/connection/close other programmes down/change location/call back.
  2.  The teacher can’t hear the student> check microphone/connection/close other programmes down/change location/call back.
  3.  I don’t like my teacher > Request change of teacher. We have many teachers so changing your teacher is not a problem.
  4. Connection is slow/lagging>Close other programmes that could be slowing down Skype>Check your internet/modem/router>Consider restarting the router/modem>Consider restarting the computer>contact your internet service provider/a computer technician>Consider using skype on another device and/or buying mobile internet/ a dongleIf you experience any technical or any other problem do not hesitate to email us on:

We advise all our students to study outside of the class alongside their immersion language lessons. This will lead to faster progress and more enjoyable classes. We have a range of tools that can help with this including: ebooks/audio vocabulary books and downloaded language guides.

For more info email:


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