What our Students Say


‘I’ve now been having Skype classes with Eurolanguage holidays for over a month. My teacher is excellent, better than any Spanish teacher I have had face-to-face, it’s amazing that I can do the same type of activities with my teacher using skype as I would in a classroom, yet I feel more relaxed, and the best thing is I don’t have to leave my house which is convenient for my lifestyle- and I save money on food and transport costs. I would definitely recommend giving skype classes a go if you want to progress your language skills rapidly!’  written by Jasmin.

‘ I like my Skype lessons for a few reasons. While I used to study at a language school and come home tired and drained I find that Skype lessons give me energy and are really fun. Also, I’m learning so much faster than I did in group classes as I have lots of opportunities to speak (French), and for me that’s important.’  written by Sebastian.

‘I previously attended lanuguage classes during an evening class with twenty other people. The benefits of having skype language lessons for me are that you are in the comfort of your own home so don’t have the think about getting to your class on time because of traffic or paying for parking. You are with a native speaker who knows local phrases and you can learn about their culture. The biggest benefit is that it is one-to-one so you can move at your own pace. My classes were tailored to my needs and they have been great value for money. I will  continue with them in the future.’  written by Vanessa.

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